Aaron Rubin

Owner/President/Network Analyst
Aaron opened the shop in 1997 and has seen many changes in the industry through the years. His expertise lies in the network infrastructure areas; he has built several networks to optimize business efficiency and help make business easier. He also has vast knowledge in wireless communications and will work with you to ascertain the best business option(s) for you.


Travis Sonnenberg

Manager/Network Analyst/Senior Technician
Travis has been with SE Computer Solutions since November 2008. He started out basically sweeping floors and greeting customers. Travis is a very quick study when it comes to computers; with Aaron’s guidance and his own initiative has become an expert in technology. He does everything from making a network cable to setting up network infrastructure. Travis is our resident expert on the procurement and installation of security cameras. If you need a specialized or gaming computer built or an arcade system, Travis is your man. Additionally if you have any gaming or console questions give him a call. He also has a passion for the audio / visual industry which has him running sound for bands, DJing, running A/V and livestream for events, and volunteering his time for things like Weyburn Communithon..


Michelle Senger

Michelle came to us from Calgary in May 2010. Her background knowledge and 20+ years working with computers and people has been an asset for the company. Michelle grew up in small town Alberta which made it easy to transition back to small town atmosphere after years in the big city. Michelle is proficient in MS Office products and can help you create documents with macros and/or formulas to make tasks faster in your day to day operations.